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Best Damn Air Fryer Chicken Legs: Perfectly Seasoned Every Time!

Best Damn Air Fryer Chicken Legs: Perfectly Seasoned Every Time!

These air fryer chicken legs are seasoned with a straightforward mix of ingredients and cooked to utter perfection. They’re incredibly juicy with a skin that’s irresistibly crispy. Achieving such fantastic results always fills me with excitement. When everything from the seasoning to the timing and temperature aligns perfectly, it creates a meal that’s unbelievably delicious! My air fryer has become a staple in my kitchen, and recipes like this one showcase why it’s such a valued appliance.

Do It With Simple Ingredients

I enjoy crafting recipes that utilize common pantry staples, making them accessible for everyone. For this recipe, we combine brown sugar, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, onion and garlic powder, ground mustard, and a pinch of cayenne. After mixing these ingredients in a large zip-top bag, we add a tablespoon of vegetable oil and six chicken legs. Shake the bag thoroughly to coat the chicken, then refrigerate to marinate. For best results, let it marinate for at least an hour. However, if you have the time to let it marinate overnight, the flavors will truly shine.

It’s Easy to Make Chicken Legs in the Air Fryer

Chicken legs are quite forgiving when cooked in an air fryer. It’s essential to ensure they reach an internal temperature of at least 165°F for safe consumption. If you don’t own an instant-read kitchen thermometer, I highly recommend investing in one. It will greatly enhance your cooking experience, not only for this dish but for all your culinary endeavors.

The air fryer is ideal for swiftly cooking chicken legs, resulting in juicy meat with a perfectly crispy skin. That’s the secret! With this recipe, there’s no need for broiling or grilling—simply let the air fryer and the ingredients work their magic.

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How Long to Cook Air Fryer Chicken Legs?

First, get your air frye­r warm. Choose the “air fry” mode and se­t the heat to 380°F. The chicke­n legs need about 18-22 minute­s. You gotta turn them after about half the time­. Small chicken legs might be done­ at 18 minutes, big ones might nee­d 22. It’s very important to check the te­mperature inside the­ chicken with a quick-read thermome­ter. Make sure it’s at le­ast 165°F before you eat it. For re­ally tender and tasty chicken le­gs, they can be cooked until the­y register 185°F inside.

No Need to Use Sauce

In this recipe, we skip using sauce during cooking. The blend of ingredients provides a delicious barbecue flavor while allowing the natural taste of the chicken to shine. However, if you prefer to add sauce, feel free to do so. Simply incorporate your favorite BBQ sauce during the last 5 minutes of the cooking process. But honestly, I believe you’ll find the chicken flavorful enough without it.

How Do I Know When Chicken Legs Are Done?

Chicken is considered done when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit in the thickest part of the meat. However, for even more tender chicken where the meat easily falls off the bone, I personally cook my chicken drumsticks to a higher temperature, around 180-190 degrees F. This not only ensures tenderness but also eliminates any bloody spots around the bone.

It’s crucial to have an instant-read meat thermometer to accurately check the internal temperature. This is the safest method to ensure your chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Final Words

This recipe for air fryer chicken legs is a simple and delicious way to cook chicken legs. The recipe involves combining brown sugar, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, onion and garlic powder, ground mustard, and cayenne. The chicken is marinated in vegetable oil and cooked for 18-22 minutes, with the internal temperature aiming for 165°F. The recipe doesn’t require sauce, but if desired, you can add it during the last 5 minutes. An instant-read thermometer is recommended for accurate cooking.

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